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——Cliff Hotel Wedding  33800RMB——

——Wedding Preparation——

We offer professional hairstylists, makeup artists and VCR to record tapes and wedding ceremonies (including post production and two video discs), and then provide a dinner.

We provide aesthetic configuration of the luxury decoration and red carpet Taiwan presided over the wedding venue, and decorative table flower and decorative column flowers, private hotel landscape or romantic sunset cliffs are available, the hotel also provides full service staff, and the stereo system (songs can bring their own or hotel).

——Wedding Supplies——

We provide the following items:
1. the bride and groom and bride holding flower brooch
2. wedding cake, small dessert, champagne (gift for Spanish flame champagne)
3. wedding gifts: 15 euros / person (10, optional)
4. new gifts: 50 euros / (optional)
5. men's dresses are prepared to provide women's wedding dresses (tails or land)
6. + + wtnesses mayor host wedding certificate
7. wedding coordinator service and transportation on the island
8. Cliff Hotel, one suite and three double rooms, and two nights with breakfast.
9. cliff cave restaurant special dinner (without wine) has a Greek musical instrument on the spot (piano accompaniment is not included)


Cruise (not included)
Cruise for 5 hours by the double sails, 6 people, 9000 yuan for self-help seafood meals on board, each plus 1000 yuan.

(if you need a yacht cruise to add 5000 yuan, each plus a bit of 1200 yuan)

——Romantic Recommendation——

Fireworks show (the price is not included, optional)
120 seconds: 12800 yuan
150 seconds: 18800 yuan

Remarks: the wedding design will be exclusively designed according to the actual wedding site and the interior building of the hotel. If there is a special wedding decoration demand, the above price will be adjusted. The picture is for reference only.