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——Romantic Wedding Photography Full Day Wedding 2650 Euro——

——A survey of the set system——

Romantic wedding photography for the whole day of the wedding ceremony for 10 hours
The wedding has a special view of Santorini.

Makeup, the shape is about 1.5-2 hours (starting at 9 a.m.)
Shooting for about 8 hours (about 11 noon - 19:00 in the sunset)

All the photographs of the film
DVD CD-ROM contains all the original pixels (not less than 950 original pixels, U disk is required)
Finishing 80

——General Survey of Aupplies——

Women's dress provides 2 sets of wedding dresses (long trailing A1 sets, F1 sets)
Men's dress
Take the full car pickup (the house to all parts of the house)
Accompany with make-up translation
Includes a photographer, a makeup artist, a meal, a meal plus a tip
Authorized portrait gives us two wedding photography publicity

Note: the whole day is 2300 euros, 4 nights at the hotel and 350 euros for the return, a total of 2650 euros.