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Athens - Mykonos (clippers) ticket booking

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The first station is island. The real ship ticket needs to be mailed to the hotel.


After the buyer pays successfully, the seller sends the service information (order number, service 

content, contact way, etc.) to buyer's contact mailbox, cell phone and station letter 3 days in 



End of service.

The world state platform provides third party guarantee for the parties to the transaction: buyers 

at the end of the service within 10 days after the click service confirmation button, active 

payment to the seller or the seller; click "service" button and enter the verification code, the 

platform automatically within 3 days of payment to the seller or the seller; click the "service" 10 

days after the button in the buyer does not confirm the refund, but no complaints and other 

objections, automatic payment platform to the seller; buyers can evaluate after the completion of 

the transaction within 2 months of service provided by the seller.

Refund policy: the travel products are not refunded, and 100% fees are charged if the money is 

refunded or changed.

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